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Dear Friend of the Jewish Peace Fellowship:

TAKE ACTION encourages our members and friends and even casual readers to give us the benefit of their thinking. We practitioners of nonviolence do not pretend to have all the answers but neither do our home front hawks that have helped bring about death, destruction. 

At this moment two wars continue and hard-liners in this country and elsewhere demand that Iran be next on the list. If such a calamity occurs, who will fight these wars? Will a draft be reinstituted to fight yet another war?  How will the U.S. absorb even greater financial deficits? Is there a moral as well as a political and economic case to be made to reject more American wars?  And do we really need more war memorials in Washington?

We invite readers to tell us your views about nonviolence and conscientious objection to all wars and even to specific wars. We oppose the death penalty too. What about you? Feel free to agree, wholly or in part, or even disagree.  Write us (civilly, please) at

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